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Callistemon Mauve Mist 200mm Pot, Mauve Bottlebrush

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        MAUVE BOTTLEBRUSH          

Botanical Name: Callistemon Mauve Mist 200mm Pot

Common Name: Bottlebrush Mauve

Current Height (from the top of the pot) 220mm

Callistemon, better known as “Mauve Mist” is a compact and dense shrub. Ideal for beautifying any garden, it produces mauve bottle brushes in spring and summer. It attracts a vast range of bird life and will endure both frost and drought.


  • Australian Native Plant
  • Requires minimal effort to grow
  • Produces mauve flowers in spring and summer
  • Medium sized shrub
  • Adaptability to a range of environments
  • Bird attracting


Full sun to partial shade

Ideal For:

  • Feature plant
  • Clustering
  • Screening
  • Formal or informal hedging

Plant Apart:

150cm apart

Height at Maturity:


Average Height:

350mm (from the top of the pot)

Environment Conditions:

  • Soil:
    • Requires well drained soil
    • Suitable in heavy/clay, loamy, salty and acidic soil
  • Moisture:
    • Regular watering will encourage optimal growth
  • Durability:
    • Frost resistant
    • Drought resistant
    • Pollution resistant


  • For optimal growth ensure that the plant is kept in a sunny position, away from any vigorous winds. Ensure that the soil is either light or loamy and that it is watered regularly.  


  • Mediterranean designs
  • Coastal designs
  • Cottage designs
  • Bush designs
  • Seaside designs
  • Santa Fe designs


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