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Viburnum Emerald Lustre Extra Large 400mm Pot

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Botanical Name: Viburnum Emerald Lustre Extra Large 400mm Pot

Average Height from the top of the pot: 900mm & very bushy

Common Name: Sweet Viburnum


Fast growing evergreen,

dense shrub that grows up to 4 meters tall.

distinctly large leathery oval green leaves

fragrant small white flowers in spring

sprouting red berries in autumn.

  • Lush foliage

medium to large shrub

Fast growing species that can form a rounded shrub or small tree.


full sun to part shade

Ideal For:

Pool gardens,


screening. If you choose to grow it in a container, allow plenty of root space.

Plant Apart:

0.5m to 0.75m

Height at Maturity:


Average Height:


Environment Conditions:

Prefers moist well drained soils

One of the few viburnums that thrive in warm to hot climates.

Once it is established it will tolerate light frost

Will grow in a wide range of soils from sandy loams to clays but does prefer a deep, rich, loamy soil.

Requires good, regular watering during the growing season.

Dislikes dry situations.  

Faster growth assured with reliable moisture.


Fertilising: Feed in spring with slow release fertiliser.

Watering: A very forgiving evergreen, Sweet Viburnum will tolerate dryness but prefers moist soil.

Prune to shape as required, on average twice a year.  

Can be cut back quite hard if necessary.  

Fertilise with a long term slow release fertiliser in early Spring.

Mulch well.



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