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Liriope Muscari variegated 140mm Pot

Botanical Name: Liriope Muscari Variegated 140mm Pot

Liriope Muscari Variegata

Common Name: Variegated Lilyturf

Current Height (from the top of the pot): 150MM

The Liriope Muscari ‘Variegata’ (Variegated Lilyturf) adds a point of interest to the garden with its lush creamy-white striped green grass-like arching leaves and vibrant purple blooms.. It is extremely versatile and almost indestructible making it a very popular plant for gardens, pots, even mass plantings and groundcover. It tolerates shade, frost and drought, shows year round interest and is fast growing.


  • Evergreen foliage 
  • Long narrow green leaves with creamy white stripes
  • Dense arching foliage
  • Upright spikes of rounded and bell shaped purple flowers
  • Flowers in late spring/early summer
  • Clumping growth habit 
  • Fast-growing 
  • Shows year round interest 
  • Extremely hardy 


Full sun, partial shade or full shade

Ideal For:

  • Coastal areas
  • Border
  • Groundcover
  • Mass plantings
  • Tropical Gardens
  • Pots on patios
  • Lining driveways or sidewalks 

Plant Apart:

0.4m for groundcover

Height at Maturity:


Average Height:

from the top of the Pot: 150MM 

Environment Conditions:

  • Soil: 
    • Average - slightly acidic and sandy soil 
    • Well-drained 
  • Climate:
    • Full sun or shade
    • Can handle a wide range of conditions 
  • Durability:
    • Drought, frost and salt tolerant 


  • Low water requirement once established 
  • Use a slow release fertiliser annually 
  • Pruning not necessary except for removal of old dead flowers/leaves


  • Can be used for under planting, with layering creating depth in the landscape
  • Great for coastal areas as they tolerate salt
  • Colour contrast plant
  • Adaptable to a wide range of garden styles 

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