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Dicksonia antarctica Australian Soft Fern Tree XLarge 800mm to 1m Trunk

Dicksonia antarctica Australian Soft Fern Tree Aprrox 800mm to 1m Trunks

Botanical Name: Dicksonia Antarctica 1m Trunk

Common Name: Tasmanian Tree Fern

The Dicksonia Antarctica is a statement tree which will create a dramatic sense to any garden. Easily established and maintained, this evergreen tree is guaranteed to intensify your garden.


  • Australian Native
  • Evergreen
  • Foliage plant
  • Dense trunk covered in dark red/brown hairs
  • Leathery, rich foliage
  • Trunk develops with age  


Full shade to partial shade

Ideal For:

  • Feature plant
  • Backdrop for other plants
  • Street tree

Plant Apart:

4.7-6 m

Height at Maturity:


Average Height:

Environment Conditions:

  • Soil:
    • Thrives in slightly acidic soils
    • Tolerates a wide range of soils
  • Climate:
    • Requires protection from hot/dry winds
  • Durability:
    • Not frost tolerant
    • Not drought tolerant
    • Resistant to physical damage


  • Fern will reliably regrow if the trunk is cut
  • Does not require care initially but once established frequent watering will encourage growth


  • Tropical designs
  • Feature tree
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