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Citrus Orange Tree cv Valencia 5ltr

Citrus Orange Tree cv Valencia 5ltr


Botanical Name: Citrus Orange Tree cv Valencia 5ltr

Common Name: Citrus Orange Tree Valencia

Current Height (from the top of the pot) 800mm

The Valencia is an orange tree variety. It is slightly more acidic than the other orange trees. It is evergreen and has many uses but is mostly grown for culinary purposes. It is durable and suits a wide range of garden types.


  • Orange tree in Australia
  • Evergreen tree
  • Small-medium tree
  • Medium-large size fruit
  • Not seedless, slightly acidic and juicy flesh
  • Fruit matures slightly later  


Full sun to partial shade

Ideal For:

  • Culinary uses
  • Container plant
  • Specimen plant
  • Indoor plant

Plant Apart:

Height at Maturity:

4-8m if grown in the ground

1-2m if grown in pot

Average Height:

Environment Conditions:

  • Soil:
    • Light, fertile, free-draining soil
    • Will thrive with organic matter within soil
  • Climate:
    • Thrives in warm climates
    • Grown widely in tropical and subtropical climates
  • Durability:
    • Sensitive to frost
    • Protect from strong winds


  • Water generously over hot months
  • Fertilise in early Spring and early Autumn
  • Prune to maintain shape


  • Fruit/vegetable garden
  • Mediterranean garden
  • Cottage garden
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