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Citrus Mandarin Tree cv Emperor 5ltr

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Botanical Name: Citrus Mandarin Tree cv Emperor 5ltr

Common Name: Mandarin Tree (Emperor)

Current Height (from the top of the pot)

An Emperor Mandarin Tree is a great culinary plant to have in a garden. Its evergreen nature and sweet, acidic fruit makes it not only beautiful by taste but also by sight! It fruits at a time that most other fruit/vegetable plants don’t, giving your garden an exciting touch in Winter. Easily maintained, hardy and productive!


  • Evergreen tree
  • Productive and attractive tree
  • Spherical, orange citrus fruit
  • Contrasted with rich, glossy foliage  
  • Fruit is best between June and August
  • Good flavour
  • Few seeds
  • Hardy plant
  • Low maintenance


Full sun to partial shade

Ideal For:

  • Culinary plant
  • Pot plant
  • Specimen tree

Plant Apart:

Height at Maturity:


Average Height:

Environment Conditions:

  • Soil:
    • Keep soil free of grass and weeds
    • Well-drained, nutrient soil
    • Will tolerate a range of soils such as sandy and heavy clay
  • Climate:
    • Warm temperate to subtropical climates
  • Durability:
    • Slightly frost tolerant
    • Can survive the occasional light frost once established
    • Will tolerate windy site


  • Fertilise twice a year - preferably at the end of Summer and Winter
  • Keep well-watered when young
  • Cover with a mulch
  • Not necessary to prune but will help


  • Fruit/vegetable garden design
  • Mediterranean garden design
  • Tuscan garden design 
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