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Calistemon Slim 200mm pot

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Botanical Name: Callistemon Endeavour 200mm Pot

Common Name: Red Bottlebrush

Current Height (from the top of the pot) 500mm

The Red Bottlebrush is one of Australia’s most well-known shrubs. It has the ability brighten up any garden with its warm red colouring. A vibrant feature in a simple garden or adding richness to a coloured one, it is easily maintained and will reap the benefits of adequate care.


  • Australian Native Shrub
  • Evergreen shrub
  • Green pointed leaves
  • Bright red bottlebrush shape that produces cylindrical spikes
  • Blooms in late spring through to early autumn
  • Frost tolerant
  • Drought tolerant
  • Fast growing - will reach maximum size in a few years
  • Attracts bird life
  • Low maintenance


Full Sun or Part Shade

Ideal For:

  • Low hedging
  • Screening
  • Street tree
  • Shrubberies
  • Small and native gardens

Plant Apart:

500mm - 1000mm

Height at Maturity:

Height: 3m

Average Height:

From the top of the Pot: 500mm

Environment Conditions:

  • Soil:
    • Moist, well drained soil
    • Small amount of mulch won’t harm
    • Thrive in damp, poorly drained soils
    • Can still survive in dry soil
  • Moisture:
    • Suited to low water gardens
    • Requires minimal maintenance in tropical environments and wet areas
  • Climate:
    • Doesn’t grow well through extremely hot, dry conditions
    • Doesn’t grow well through extremely cold conditions


  • Light pruning after flowering to keep compact
  • Do not over fertilise (approximately once a year)
  • Low water requirement once established
  • Can be pruned to shape after flowering


Callistemon Endevour 200mm Pot

 Full Sun or Part Shade. Australian Native Shrub.
Low Maintenance, Multicoloured Foliage. Easy plant to grow.
Great for low hedges

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