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Banksia Spinulosa 140mm Pot

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Botanical Name: Banksia Spinulosa 140mm Pot

Common Name: Hairpin Banksia or Bush Candles

Current Height (from the top of the pot): 275mm

This compact shrub is a striking addition to any garden. Most commonly loved for its ability to blossom flowers during the winter season, it will keep any garden looking lively during the cooler months. Attractive to bird life and requiring low maintenance, Bush Candles are the perfect shrub to keep your garden always looking flourishing!


  • Australian Native
  • Multi-stemmed shrub
  • Golden cylindrical/candle-like flower spikes which can floral with highlights or orange, red and maroon
  • Thin and deep green leaves
  • Flowers appear above foliage in both autumn and winter
  • Provide nectar for birds and bees


Full sun to part shade, but grow best in full sun.

Ideal For:

  • Screening shrub
  • Underplanting
  • Borders

Plant Apart:

0.5 m

Height at Maturity:


Environment Conditions:

  • Soil:
    • Can range from quite acid to alkaline - tolerates wide range of soils.
    • Best in well-drained soils
  • Moisture:
    • Has low water requirements once established
  • Durability:
    • Frost tolerant


  • When planting, use a slow release native fertilizer that will last 12 months.
  • remove spent flowers
  • can be tip pruned if required.
  • Mulching around the base of the plant will help retain moisture and suppress weeds.


  • Ideal for coastal landscapes
  • Potted winter colour
When planting, use a slow release native fertilizer that will last 12 months. 
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