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Our dam is finally full!

What a strange summer!

We have had one of the busiest Summers ever this year. All the plants are thriving now. Here are a few points to think about when planning your garden:

* Slow release fertiliser is activated by heat. Generally on days over 26 degrees celsius the fertiliser begins to distribute in the soil. It is important to 'tone down' fertiliser use around winter. If you encourage too much growth, new foliage is susceptible to damage around the colder months.

* When cutting back plants around Autumn/Winter the same rules apply. Most plants will really slow down as far as growth goes in the colder months. (Unless they are cold performing plants) So try keep the cutting to minimum around the colder months.

We will continue to pursue our dream of opening to the public, so stay tuned for more information!

Some plants that looking great right now: Photinia (Photo right below), Grevillea (Photo left below), Gardenia, Gazania, Dianella, Callistemon, Loropetalum so many more

So go and get your landscaping going Sydney!

Written by Budget Nursery — March 01, 2013

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