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What a crazy spring this has been. The plants are growing at a rapid rate. A perfect time to touch up the garden.

In September we sold out of most of our 200mm stock and have been running our nursery potting machine flat out to refill in time.

Watch out for plenty of new varieties in the coming weeks like. Michelia Figo, Syzygium Resillience, Viburnum Odoratissimum & so many more!

Here are some Callistemon Hannah Ray & Gardenia Florida in 200mm Pots that we sent in to go into a leading Australian chain store this Spring.

Callistemon is great underrated plant that requires little water once established. It has great bottlebrush flowers.

Gardenia is a garden classic that has a wonderful fragrant flower. This does require a cut back after flowering to get the plant to be stronger. 

Always remember to use a general slow release fertiliser that will last around 12 months. 

Written by Budget Nursery — December 11, 2012

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