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Many gardners choose to be proud owners in Mondo Grass. It can be used as a wonderful border plant and is such a great grower when put in a shady environment. 

MONDO GRASS Botanical NameOphiopogon japonicus
Maintinence: The upkeep on the Mondo grass is very low. Besides from removing any weeds, you only need to liquid feed once a year if required. You could also split them quite easily and re-produce your own today! All our Mondo Grass plants for sale can be split into at least 3 separate plants with a little skill. 
Planting: Depending on your preference, 12 x 100mm Pot


Do you have some pictures of your mondo grass in your garden? We would love for you to share them in comments below!

Written by Karey Takchi — April 23, 2012

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