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When planting, use a general soil potting mix. Available from Bunnings. With a slow release fertiliser that will last 10 to 12 months. You will have to fertilise again in 12 months time.

1. Dig a hole around 40% the size of the container. (Or you could dig a trence if required) 

2. Place a shovel worth of potting mix (soil) into the hole. 

3. Place the plant into position.

4. Add fertiliser. (Skip this step if you have fertiliser in the soil already)

5. Fill the hole with potting mix. Use your hands to compress the soil, making sure it tight and compact.

6. Water the plants in thoroughly. (Every couple of days for the first couple of months to establish, & then most plants we sell only require minimal or NO water after then!)

Written by Budget Nursery — March 15, 2013

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